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Student Support Services

COVID Policies: Students
COVID Policies: Faculty/Staff 



The Office of 电脑及资讯服务 (OCIS) has launched a new self-service support portal for Faculty/Staff/Students at the above link. 该门户将成为所有技术需求的中心枢纽. Helpdesk提供电子邮件、密码、互联网连接和软件安装方面的支持.  You can also request to be added to mailing lists if you are a faculty member not receiving “all_faculty” emails or a student not receiving “all_student” emails.
Student Loaner Laptop Program
Students who have a hardship and need a short-term or long-term loaner laptop can request one by completing this form: 或通过电子邮件发送给社区护理协调员卡拉·维托拉
Campus Alerts 
作为校园安全检查表的一部分,所有学生都需要注册CampusAlert™. Students who do not complete the Campus Safety Checklist will be ineligible to register for classes in the next semester until the Checklist tasks are completed.  学生必须使用@kean注册校园警报.edu email address. 学生的具体说明可以在  所有其他(非学生)用户应转到

The 南希·汤普森学习共享资源 offers student support services designed to meet the academic and information needs of the student community including workshops on Health & Wellness, Information Literacy, Library Resources, 开放教育资源(OER), Endnote, Public Speaking, Technology, Writing, Tutoring, Learning Management System.

Library Services 

Location: NTLC 1st Floor 

Book stack

Phone: (908) 737-4629 


图书馆服务旨在支持学生, faculty, 和基恩社区的其他成员在他们的研究中, scholarship, creative works, 创新地使用技术. Digital and print collections, including OER materials, 是否入选符合教学要求, learning, 以及学生和教师的研究需求. Librarians and other library personnel help Kean students to search for and access relevant information for their various academic needs and to develop the information literacy skills that will support career development and lifelong learning. 

NTLC Tutoring Services
Subject Tutoring

Location: NTLC 108 

Phone: (908)737-4681


学习支持服务为大量课程提供点对点、基于学科的辅导.  导师根据学生确定的课程内容领域协助学生. Additionally, 导师加强额外的学术技能, 例如:组织和发展思想, building confidence, 个性化的学习策略. Visit:  to make an appointment.

Writing Services  

Location: NTLC 108 

Quill pen icon in Kean blue

Phone: (908) 737-4793


学习支持服务提供一对一的写作支持. 写作导师积极与学生合作,检查学生的写作过程, challenges, 以及由学生指定的特定区域. 写作辅助涵盖了各种领域和作业, including:  essay assignments,  lab reports, cover letters,  研究生入学申请文书, resumes, job applications, or any other writing piece. 导师帮助学生反思他们的写作目标,并为他们提供提高技巧的可行策略, confident academic writers. Visit:  to make an appointment.

Public Speaking 

Location: NTLC 108

Phone: (908) 737-4793


学习支持服务提供有关公共演讲的所有领域的帮助,包括沟通, content, presentations, and practice. 公共演讲导师从写作内容开始指导学生完成整个过程, 通过练习公开演讲. 这项服务涵盖的主题包括:论文答辩, research presentations, conference presentations, speeches,  and mock interviews. Visit:  to make an appointment.


Location: Science Building 316

Phone: (908)737-3599


为代表性不足的学生群体提供研讨会和研究机会,以支持STEM教育. Available to students across all STEM majors and provides financial support for conducting research with faculty. Program helps students reflect on their career goals and offer various career and education opportunities and resources

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Location: NTLC 218

Phone: (908) 737-3090


补充说明(SI)是免费的, peer-facilitated academic assistance program designed to help students succeed in traditionally difficult courses. SI课程是定期安排的, informal review sessions that involve collaborative learning activities through which students can clarify course concepts and practice the types of study strategies that will help them truly master the information and skills required by the target course. Visit:  to make an appointment.


Location: CAS 121 SGS Office

Phone: (908)737-0314


teamam代表英语和数学辅助辅导. During SGS MATH ATEAM SL sessions your instructor will provide coaching and feedback that guides you toward mastery of math skills in topics such as critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning. 学生和教师将在课堂上讨论的主题上进行合作,并在现实世界的数学问题上工作. 我们强烈鼓励你们在这些互动环节中提出自己的问题. 所有通识学院(SGS)的数学课程都为我们的学生提供math teamam SL课程. Your instructor will offer 2 to 5 hour long ATEAM MATH SL sessions  each week for up to 10 student participants. You may also participate in tutoring in the Nancy Thompson Library Learning Commons to fulfill this course requirement if your schedule does not match with your professor’s hours. 教授的课程时间和地点将在课堂上公布. 团队英语小组写作工作室也提供了选择部分的eng1025和eng1030. 你的老师会让你知道你是否参加了这些选择部分之一. 如需协助查找您的教授的ATEAM SL时间,请发送电子邮件

The Math Lab for Math Majors

Location: GLAB 308 

Phone: (908) 737-4720


数学实验室为所有1000-4000级数学课程的学生提供辅导服务. In addition, Math faculty offer retention and student success services to Math majors such as Praxis- High School Mathematics review sessions, 精算学考试准备, 研究生院申请指导, mentoring, and career advisement. 数学实验室还为K-12学生组织教育和丰富活动.


Location: GLAB 422

Phone: (908) 737-4720

计算机科学与技术学院. Austin Huang and Prof. Paolien Wang, provides Code Samurai peer-mentoring for students enrolled in advanced computer science and information technology courses, including data structures, database, and cybersecurity.  预约可透过守则武士网站( The Code Samurai peer-mentors have taken the courses which they are mentoring for and can assist junior and senior CS/IT majors with navigating academic and major activities.  一旦你和Code Samurai合作过, 考虑将来申请成为Code Samurai项目的一员,并指导其他人!

McNair Scholars Program

Location: HH 334E

Phone: (908) 737-3952

Prepares first-generation & 符合收入条件和/或代表性不足的研究生. 该项目为本科生提供研究机会, academic advisement, 研究生院准备讲习班和其他教育研讨会. The overall goal is to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue and complete graduate studies.


Location: CAS 111


The Center for Advising, 坚持和成功认为,全面和以学生为中心的建议促进学生的成功, community and retention. 我们的团队提供符合文化的学术建议, evidenced-based programming, 为被录取和未申报的新生提供教育规划和积极的学术过渡, 永利娱乐在线赌场的大二学生和转学生.  我们将学生与整个大学的服务和资源联系起来, 同时也使他们能够在他们的学术旅程中获得独特的体验. 他们为入学和未申报的大一新生、大二学生和转学学生提供咨询服务. 他们可以在ADVISE上预约.  大一和大二的学生可以按照指导安排预约 here. 大三和大四的学生将主要从他们的指导老师那里获得建议. 如果他们对自己的专业或其他学术问题有疑问, 他们可以使用上述电子邮件地址.

对大三和大四学生的教师建议:见 Student Experience 
大三和大四的学生主要从他们的指导老师(你专业的一名教师)那里获得建议。.  要确定你的指导老师并了解他们的办公时间,学生应该咨询ADVISE Student Experience.


Career Services

Location: CAS 201

Phone: (908) 737-0320


At Career Services, 学生会被立即分配给我们的职业顾问, 他们可以和谁见面讨论实习机会, 获得简历或面试协助, 然后接受一般的就业建议. 此外,学生可以使用 the Focus2 tool 帮助他们找到合适的工作,确定适合自己的职业道路. Students also have access to College Central Network, a platform designed to work with our employer partners that give students direct access to available jobs and internships. 学生们可以在这里了解更多关于他们的美洲狮职业旅程的第一步:

Kean Wellness Center

基恩健康中心提供全面, 为整个校园社区提供综合健康和保健服务. 中心的跨学科, 以学生为中心和文化包容的方法旨在教育和授权学生, 教师和员工做出明智的生活方式的选择.  看到即将到来的事件,访问在美洲狮链接基恩健康中心页.

Student Health Services 

Location: Down Hall 126

Phone: (908) 737-4880


从疾病到受伤再到免疫接种,办公室都可以 all 永利娱乐在线赌场录取的学生. 学生健康服务提供面对面和远程医疗预约.  该部门的服务包括初级保健, gynecology, STI testing and HIV prevention, LGBTQ+ services, physicals, 因健康原因缺勤.  学生可以利用他们的学生健康门户向医疗保健提供者提交安全消息.  要安排预约,您必须首先在 Student Health Portal.


Location: Down Hall 122

Phone: (908) 737-4910


The newly updated and re-organized 无障碍服务办公室 (OAS) is committed to ensuring equal access by fostering an accessible learning environment. 我们的办公室为所有有身体证明的学生提供帮助和住宿, medical, learning, 情感和/或身体残疾,包括暂时的和永久性的.  学生应该联系办公室安排入学预约.

The Counseling Center

Location: Down Hall 127

Phone: (908) 737-4850


肯恩咨询中心为所有永利娱乐在线赌场注册学生提供一系列心理健康服务. 我们的目标是帮助学生解决任何个人问题, social, 或者情绪上的担忧可能会影响他们的功能和成功. 我们提供个人和团体咨询, consultations, referrals, 健康缺勤,精神评估和药物管理. 所有信息都是保密的,我们可以提供远程和面对面的服务.  要安排预约,您必须首先在 Student Health Portal.


Location: Down Hall 127

Phone: (908) 737-4850


酒精和其他药物服务 is available to help students with substance use concerns for themselves and that of family or friends. The 酒精和其他药物服务网站 包含有助于浏览校园服务和校外资源的信息.  所有的服务都是免费提供给学生的,可以亲自或远程提供.  要安排预约,您必须首先在 Student Health Portal.


Phone: (908) 737-5260


KUBIT是一个提供主动干预的多学科团队, caring support and appropriate  institutional response to students exhibiting disruptive and/or concerning behavior.  库比特学院为大学提供五项主要职能:提供咨询, 对教师的教育和支持, staff and administration in assisting students who display disconcerting or unusual behaviors; gathers information to assess situations involving students who display disconcerting or disruptive behaviors; recommends appropriate intervention strategies; connects students with needed campus and community resources; monitors the ongoing behavior of students who have displayed disruptive or disconcerting behavior.  教师/工作人员可以通过提交报告转介到KUBIT KUBIT INCIDENT REPORT. 如果学生的行为令人担忧,但不会对该学生或其他人构成直接的安全风险, please submit a report. If the behavior poses an immediate threat to the student or others please contact University Police at 908-737-4800 (Union); 732-255-0451 (Ocean)

KUBIT不对紧急情况负责. 在紧急情况下或对自己有直接危险时, others or the community please DIAL 911 or call the Kean University Department of Public Safety and Police at (908) 737-4800.


Location: CAS 227

Phone: (908) 737-0530


The 美洲狮社会工作联系中心 (CCCSW) promotes and prioritizes a sense of belonging on campus for all students, 不管他们的情况如何.  Our goal is to provide a holistic multifaceted approach to social services and support including but not limited to the following:  Food, Shelter and Clothing Resources; Emergency Financial Services; Case Management Support; Advocacy; Life Skills Development; Safe Space Support; Family Resources; and Career Enhancement.  Make a referral here:

Cougar Pantry

Location: Downs Hall


美洲狮食品储藏室是一个食品储藏室,为永利娱乐在线赌场的学生经历饥饿和粮食不安全.  它提供各种捐赠的不易腐烂的食品以及健康和卫生产品.  要安排就诊预约,您必须首先在 Student Health Portal.


Location: 中国科学院一站式服务中心一楼

Phone: (908) 737-3190


Kean University offers a number of scholarships to help qualified undergraduate and graduate students of every race/ethnicity, gender, 而且要满足上大学的经济要求.

我们也强烈建议所有学生填写联邦学生援助免费申请表(FAFSA)。, 哪些将提高他们通过助学金和其他类型的经济援助获得所需资金的能力. FAFSA申请可以通过电子方式通过访问  外部奖学金的链接可以在奖学金网站上找到

Financial Aid 


财政援助办公室协助学生与财政援助过程的各个方面. The department holds workshops throughout the year to assist students with the FAFSA form and other financial aid questions. 所有永利娱乐在线赌场的学生都会根据他们的姓氏分配一名经济援助顾问. 这些信息可以在

Student Accounting

Location: Administration 3rd Floor

Phone: (908) 737-3240

有具体账单问题的学生可以发电子邮件 有一般学生会计问题的学生,如弹性计划, Student ID, refunds, 营业时间应该发邮件